I express my heartiest welcome and appreciate your time to visit my nascent website www.jkinc.in. I am simple at heart but wild and passionate in exploring the world of health care at all times. Though my experience in health care and hospital administration is short, for a span of a just more than a decade but the experiences, the thoughts and guidance I received from all my gurus and past bosses were awesome for me to have a firm footage and help me to delivery the best health care administration solutions for the world within the next one decade. I am passionate about the adventures of Bond….James Bond right from my childhood and he was my HERO and later I came to know and assimilate about James Bond like this……

Only James Bond—the secret agent who foiled a plot to destroy London with nuclear missiles—can make water more affordable for Bolivians! This is easily the stupidest James Bond movie since the last one. I don't know what Hollywood's obsession is with making jerk-off movies where the bad guys are "realistic." You know what's another word for realistic? Boring. If I wanted realism, I'd walk down the street to get the south Indian food, and maybe stop by a Border and pick up some magazines. You know why they don't make movies about me shopping for magazines? That's because nobody gives a damn. And that's what Quantum of Solace is: me shopping for magazines, with no south Indian food. I don't see movies for realism, and if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't watch one made by some dull head who thinks "reality" can best be represented with the aid of 219 special effects artists. This leads me to the movie's biggest problem:

What I want to drive home the message is? - in reality, No human being on this mother earth is too poor to afford the best quality medical services because being healthy is a basic right and these days due to the lack of supersonic vision in the minds of health care institution's promoters, they confine themselves in a small boundary and I thought a team and myself can make a remarkable change and the change is very simple. In my country, villages are more in numbers than the cities and most of the times, the villagers were ignored and they find it very hard to access the best medical services and to access them, We can create satellite centers and the module is called "HUB & SPOKES" module where the main HUB will be huge medical college and the spokes will be the patient feeding centers which will definitely fetch a massive result if it is meticulously planned and executed.


I sincerely invite likeminded NRI and all Nationals to participate in this venture.

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    May 11th 1975
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